the-nerd-pngWho is The Health Nerd?

That’s the burning question of the day, right?

Real talk peeps: There’s a lot of BS out there in health and fitness space. In fact, less than ½ of 1% of people ever succeed in their fitness goals…

I believe there are a few reasons why this is:

  1. There is a lot of bad information out there from genetically gifted people who don’t know bunk about what they’re talking about.
  2. Old science can be stubborn for people to let go of.
  3. Fitness and health doesn’t have to be as boring as people make it sound! Making someone smile is just as important to the teaching process as the science.

The idea for the channel was a combination of inspiration from CGP Grey, ASAP Science, and my personal love for health and fitness.


So who is The Health Nerd???

I don’t want to give out my name just yet, because I secretly want to be like Batman…

You know how Batman stands as a symbol for good and justice?

I want The Health Nerd to stand as an impartial character who teaches people the science and is not swayed by popular myths or fads.

I want the channel to stand for being the objective source for health and fitness information people need, without getting clouded by personal fame or Youtube success.

So what do I look like really?

the-health-nerd-before-after-minI’m not an internet troll living in my mom’s basement.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with living with my mom as she makes some really dope food.

If you want to know more personal deets:

·CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
·Game of Thrones Lover
·NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
·Coffee Addict
·ISSA Nutrition Specialist
·Natural flexibility of a wooden fence post
·Cooper Certified Trainer
·Fangirl of Elon Musk
·10,000+ hours personal training people 1-on-1
·Currently jamming to Marshmello, G-Easy, and Adele
·Played Football Briefly for the University of Arkansas
·Born in Dallas, TX
·Secretly knows the words to many Taylor Swift songs

Much Love Everyone 🙂